Even with our 100+ years of combined experience, we constantly find ourselves searching for much needed resources. After talking to people in the industry, we found this was a common need among us all. So we thought, what better way to accommodate our customers and peers than to create a one-stop shop for the most needed resources in the steel industry.

Disclaimer: The calculators available on this website are intended for informational and educational purposes only.


Conversion and Weight


  • Inches to Millimeters

    Inches to Millimeters

  • Millimeters to Inches

    Millimeters to Inches

  • Pounds to Kilograms

    Pounds to Kilograms

  • Kilograms to Pounds

    Kilograms to Pounds

  • Carbon Equivalency Formula

    Carbon Equivalency Formula

  • Metric Tons to Pounds

    Metric Tons to Pounds

  • Metric Tons to Tons

    Metric Tons to Tons

  • Fahrenheit to Celsius

    Fahrenheit to Celsius

  • Celsius to Fahrenheit

    Celsius to Fahrenheit

  • PcM Formula

    PcM Formula

  • Foot-pounds to Joules

    Foot-pounds to Joules

  • Joules to Foot-pounds

    Joules to Foot-pounds

  • MPa to psi

    MPa to psi

  • psi to MPa

    psi to MPa

  • Brinell/Rockwell/Tensile Chart
  • MPa to ksi

    MPa to ksi

  • ksi to MPa

    ksi to MPa

  • Weight of a Steel Plate

    Weight of a Steel Plate

  • Weight of a Steel Circle

    Weight of a Steel Circle