Positive and enthusiastic attitude. Respectful and kind to all. Ignites growth, personally, and professionally. Devoted to the company and its customers. Exhibits gratefulness and humility.

Our company was founded on culture. When Pride Metals was born, the idea was to create a company that would not only supplement our local economy, but provide a place of security for the employees that we so dearly cared about. Through this we have created a culture that allows our team to enjoy coming to work, have work-life balance, and feel secure in their jobs while also having fun. 

I love the teamwork and comradery that goes into getting the job done every day!”

Account Manager

It’s really a unique work environment. The “Team Spirit” mentality is definitely a big part of what we do here at Pride. It’s not everyday you see a company who is inclusive to all its employees like Pride is. Not to mention that everyone is such a delight to work with. It’s hard to have a bad day when everybody is so enthusiastic. I don’t think of the people I work with as just a “co-worker” or “boss” but as friends, and I truly take PRIDE in working at PRIDE!”

Account Management Support

I love working at Pride Metals because its more than just a job, its a family! It makes it more joyful in the early mornings to get up and come to work knowing that i am more than just an employee, but i am a vital part to the working family. The peers that i work with every day help me learn and achieve new challenges and help push me to strive in any goals we partake in! I hope that i can help this Family strive for bigger and better opportunities for the long foreseeable future!”

Warehouse Manager

Being a part of something bigger is exactly what I get from working at Pride. The environment is incredibly empowering, and our core values set a tone. Each day is never the same. I look forward to waking up every day and coming to work because I love what I do, and I love the people I work with. I have found my home and the people that push me daily to become a better version of myself.”

Administrative Assistant