A woman-owned steel service center that provides carbon, alloy, and stainless bar to machine shops, manufacturers, and OEMs across North America.

“Pride Metals, where do I begin? When my customer’s needs grew overnight with the sudden influx of demand, Pride Metals was there to make sure the material that I needed was available. They have a knack for predicting the curve and supply demands in such a way that they have stayed miles ahead of their larger competitors in Texas and other states. I have grown to trust and rely on Pride Metals to know where my industry is going before I do. I have much gratitude and respect for all the members of the Pride Metals team.”

Customer In East Texas

“Pride Metals although what we would consider as a young company/vendor, in the years doing business with them, they quickly became one of our, if not, top material sources. Material availability is seldom an issue, they are more than competitive from a costing standpoint and their lead times are spot on. The group of folks that make up the Pride Metals team is over the top, great customer service, and communication is key in our business and they mirror just that and are always willing to help. Great group of folks and company, would recommend them to anyone.”

Customer In Arkansas

Providing A Personable And Worry-Free Steel Buying Experience


Pride Metals LLC is a certified Woman Owned and operated steel service center that  partners with machine shops, OEMs, and manufacturers within several industries in North America. Having our own fleet of trucks sets us apart and ensures we provide you with the highest quality materials on time. This allows our customers to purchase with confidence and ease. Our goal is to become an essential part of your supply chain, helping you reach your highest potential! 

“Friendly people. Great customer service. Will help find the material you’re looking for if they do not stock it.”

Customer In East Texas

 “You said you could beat your competitor’s prices which u did & you have absolutely beat their customer service skills!”

Customer In Central Texas

Doing Business With Us Is Easy From Start To Finish.



Low-strength structural oilfield applications that may undergo surface hardening utilize low carbon steel grades. These grades intentionally comprise Carbon, Manganese, and Silicon as their only added elements. Usually, these grades are used in their hot rolled, forged, or cold drawn condition without any additional treatment.  


Our inventory comprises of Low Alloy Steel, typically containing between 2% to 10% total alloy content, consisting of one or more of the following elements: Chromium, Manganese, Molybdenum, and Nickel. These elements are primarily added to increase hardenability and improve mechanical properties and toughness after heat treatment. Low Alloy Steel is commonly available in various conditions, such as As-rolled, Annealed, Normalized, and/or Quench and Tempered.


Stainless Steel is a type of steel that has a minimum of 10% Chromium combined with other alloy elements. It is known for its ability to resist corrosion and rusting caused by exposure to water or humid air. In the oil industry, there are four main groups of Stainless Alloys used, including Austenitic (300 Series), Martensitic (400 Series and 13 Chrome), Duplex (2205, 2507, 2304), and Precipitation Hardening (17-4).

“Local supplier, with a good range of bars and great to work with. Being a local supplier is a big plus for us, but working with great people makes it better.”

Customer In East Texas

“I never have to worry about anything I purchase from Pride Metals. The team always takes great care of my orders. It’s always smooth as clockwork! Highly recommend them for all your steel needs! Great service and great pricing!!!”

Customer In South Louisiana


Looking for someone to do the heavy lifting? We are here to be your one-stop shop. Let us take the work off you. We offer several value-added services in-house or have trusted partners we use to provide additional services you need.

In-House Services:

Saw cutting up to 32″ OD

Delivery with our own trucks

Hardness Testing

Outsourced Services:







Mechanical Testing

Non-Destructive Testing

Chemical Testing